Friendly Winters

Charlotte’s winters offer you the beauty of the season without all the shoveling and salt. Only half of the winter days fall below freezing and sub-zero temperatures have only occurred five times since 1878. Snow is infrequent, with an average annual accumulation of less than six inches, but Charlotte is only two hours away from excellent snow skiing in the North Carolina Mountains. Residents enjoy the snow without having to endure it! It’s not uncommon to play golf year-round in Charlotte.

Favorable Summers

Unlike cities to the south, very hot weather conditions occur only 36 to 72 days in Charlotte, compared to 115 days in Jacksonville, Florida and 130 days in Houston, Texas. Charlotte enjoys approximately 214 bright days of sunshine each year.

Fantastic Springs and Autumns

The transformations of the seasons in Charlotte are the most breathtaking times of the year. The slow emergence of spring, from mid March through May, provides residents with a visual extravaganza of flowers and trees. The brilliant turning of the leaves in fall extend well into November.