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Southern Winds Realty’s Market Reports

Pricing Trends Around Charlotte:

Our market reports take homebuyers, sellers and investors inside the numbers, offering them real insight into the local market. Our philosophy is to arm our clients with the right data to minimize or eliminate risk!


Residential Property Report:

We offer two different reports:  RPR is a much more detailed and offers the ability to adjust values for capital improvements such as new roofs, additions, major kitchen renovations etc. It also covers original mortgage amount, previous sales and demographics. See a sample report here:  The Weiss Index Report shows past market performance and future appreciation trends. (See Sample) Has the property performed well in the past? Does the future trend point upward?  Simply use our Contact page above to provide name, email, address and list of mayor improvements. Depending on our workload, we’ll do our best to have a 24 hour turnaround.