Southern Winds Partners with Local Law Firm to Assist Homeowners

Don’t Foreclose! Do a Short Sale Instead…

Southern Winds Realty has teamed up with local law firm… Law Avania to assist struggling homeowners with selling their homes and dealing with lenders. Our partnership with LawAvania allows us to concentrate on selling instead of the time consuming daily phone calls and frustrating delays with banks.

In addition the advantages of having a law firm represent you are countless including:

  • Less impacted Beacon Scores
  • Lower deficiency amounts
  • Quicker turnaround

If you’re aware of a neighbor or friend struggling right now, please have them call me for a confidential consultation. If we can prevent further homes from foreclosure, we all win by preserving home values in our community. See a recent article from CNN below…

Frank Pixley
Southern Winds Realty

Short sales are the hottest thing going in the distressed-property market, and the trend is expected to get even hotter in coming weeks, when the government starts handing out cash to encourage lenders to close these deals.

“Banks have ramped up short sale approvals,” said Duane Legate of House Buyer Network, which connects short sellers with buyers. “They’re hiring a lot of the people who once worked in the mortgage-lending industry and moved them over to short sales.”

These transactions, where lenders allow homeowners to sell their houses for less than they owe, accounted for 17% of all residential real estate sales in February, up from nearly 13% in November, according to a monthly real estate market survey by Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance.

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Frank Pixley
Southern Winds Realty

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