Why Sell with Southern Winds Realty?
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure…
The truth is exposure to home buyers is what really sells homes! 2001 brought huge changes in the Real Estate industry which will dramatically effect how Real Estate companies conduct their business.

What was this dramatic change? It was called “Broker Reciprocity.

Broker Reciprocity is an agreement among participating Broker members of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to give each other permission to display their listings on each other’s web sites. Participating Brokers (called IDX Internet Data Exchange) can display all of each other’s Active and Pending (Under Contract) listings. Although most of the general public was unaware of this historic change, it empowers the consumer to have access to information which was only available through your local Real Estate agent.

How does this affect the home seller?

In essence, IDX (Internet Data Exchange) levels the playing field among Real Estate companies. In other words, whether it’s a small one person firm to the largest company with hundreds of agents, if they are a member of IDX your listing is exposed to thousands of buyers by hundreds of different web sites! Talk about Exposure! A note of caution here* If the Real Estate company you are considering is not a member of IDX then we advise you run for the hills. Why? Typically when a company elects not to participate in IDX, they do not want to share their information and inventory with other Brokers. Do these companies have your best interest at heart? Remember, the name of the game is exposure.

So what separates one company from another? Service… the common denominator. Realtors are separated by the service they provide, period! Any Realtor can enter your property in the MLS database; however, this is just the beginning. We invite you and challenge you to find a better service for your money.

Our Realtors

One of the first things you will notice is the personal attention Southern Winds Realty’s agents provide. We come to your home, meet with you and your family, and analyze your home’s value as well as make suggestions on small things you can do to improve its value. We understand how buyers think and will suggest items that will maximize your return. Our job is to make the home sale transaction a smooth and stress-free experience.

Virtual Tours and Digital Stills

Every Southern Winds Realty listed home gets professional digital stills and virtual tours taken of the most enticing rooms and features of the home. This ensures that buyers who actually make appointments to view the home in person have a substantial interest so you won’t be wasting time by having just “lookers” walk through your home. Virtual tours are like having an open house 24 hours a day 7 days a week. See what we do here. 

Prequalified Buyers

All potential buyers are screened and mortgage pre-qualified before we show any listing. This ensures serious buyers are looking at your home. If another company’s agent makes an appointment to show your home most likely they have been pre-qualified as well. No one wants to waste time showing properties only to find out the buyer is unable to secure a loan. 

Top Internet Sites

The name of the game when selling your home is maximum exposure! Southern Winds Realty exceeds your expectations by placing your home on some of the top internet Real Estate sites. Ex. Yahoo, Google, Zillow, MSN, Craig’s List, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homepages.com, FrontDoor.com, Hotpads.com etc. Combined, these sites draw over 125 million visitors per month! ** According to a recent Gomez Advisors Survey, 92% of homebuyers use the Internet to search for a home. Southernwinds.com averages 4,000 to 5,000 visitors per month and constantly uses search engines to drive additional traffic to our site. 


Southern Winds Realty has a professional appointment center that schedules all appointments with any agent that wishes to see your property 7 days a week. You the homeowner sets the parameters on when showing can take place and if advanced notice is needed. Sellers are notified by phone as well as email that a potential buyer wants to see their home. Sellers are also given their own password to change parameters or view feedback from agents. Communication and feedback are the most important issues with you the seller.  See How it Works Here. 


Southern Winds Realty’s agents are specially trained to negotiate the best deal possible for our home sellers. It’s always better to have a professional negotiating on your behalf. At Southern Winds Realty we pride ourselves on making sure our home sellers get the best price for their home. 


Southern Winds Realty’s colorful yard and directional signs help drive buyers to your home. Our signs are easy to identify and have our web site address, that way buyers can quickly access and view your home on our website and contact us immediately. Each property has it’s own unique URL with QR code for smart phone scanning so information is instant. 

Competitive Market Plan

Developed specially for your home, it includes a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). Based upon the CMA, your local agent will help determine the very best price for your home. 


At Southern Winds Realty you can expect to hear from us on a regular basis. When ever there has been a showing of your home we immediately start making inquires to the showing agent on how the showing went. Did the property show well? Did it appeal to the buyer? Etc. Feedback reports will usually come by email and in most cases directly from the agent who showed your home. This way nothing is lost in the translation of messages. 


Every Southern Winds Realty listing is covered by an Old Republic Home Warranty which protects the seller during the time on the market in addition to the buyer for one year after closing. This coverage is paid by Southern Winds Realty at closing See benefits

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