The Town of Weddington sits in the northwestern corner of Union County. It was in 1842 that the General Assembly of North Carolina formed Union by taking portions from the existing counties of Mecklenburg and Anson. Weddington is part of the Sandy Ridge Township, which owes its lineage to the old militia districts which existed prior to 1869. If you check an atlas or your handy GPS map guide, you will find the town center to be located at the intersection of NC 16, also known as Providence Road, and NC 84. This section of Union County was known from the earliest colonial times for its’ fertile farmland. The Waxhaw Indians had prospered here for ages by the time the first settlers from Germany, England, Wales, and Scotland began arriving.

Today… Weddington is home to over 10,000 residents and is considered by some to be an affluent suburb of Charlotte.  The Median home price is close to $600,000.

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